European legislation has a significant effect on economic parameters for companies inside and outside the EU. At least 60% of national economic legislation has its roots in EU law. So as to be able to react early to new EU Directives and Regulations and to make changes where appropriate, the HDH is active in the European umbrella organisations for woodwork (CEI-Bois) and furniture (EFIC). This way, information on upcoming bills from the European Commission is guaranteed to reach members promptly. Active representation of the HDH and the interests of its members in dealings with European institutions are also ensured, particularly with the European Parliament and the European Commission.

Since 2016, the Federal Association of German Prefabricated Construction (BDF) has held the presidency of the European Federation of Premanufactured Building (EFV). The EFV represents the interests of national prefabricated construction associations in Europe. It has the community support of the people involved in prefabricated construction in particular as its central concern - in relation to European institutions, prefabricated construction as a discipline, the press and the public. The EFV and its members advocate the further development of prefabricated construction throughout Europe.